Film + Geopolitics = ....Missions?

My social media feeds and profiles have lately turned into collections of photojournalism and articles on the ever-nuanced geopolitics of the Middle East…and, Europe—because now Europe is pretty well involved in Middle Eastern geopolitics whether she wants to be or not.

Why, as a cross-cultural missionary, would I invest so much energy and attention into squabbles now centuries old? Why, as a cross-cultural disciple-maker, would I flood your Twitter and Facebook news feeds with the latest and greatest from Merkel, Putin, Assad, the Kurds or some Saudi prince (knowing Erdogan will shove his way in from time to time)? And why, as a cross-cultural proclaimer-of-all-things-Jesus, would I do all this while I carry a camera around?

As for film and other artistic mediums, I explain more of that here

As for keeping informed on global events—particularly pertaining to the Arab world—I don’t believe the Church has any reason to be ignorant of geopolitical currents for the same reason I don’t believe the Church has any excuse to hoard the Name of Jesus to reached regions, nations or street corner sanctuaries. We owe the Gospel to the Arab world. So we should know a thing or two about the Arab world.

The events unfolding before us are historic and unprecedented. We are facing what is now the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation—but I don’t think it’ll be long before it eclipses the impact and ramifications of our grandparent’s generation. Our ability to respond well to the hemorrhaging refugee crisis, as well as pray for and serve the enemies creating the crisis, is deepened and empowered by our ability to understand the causes and correlations of the crisis.


Stephanie QuickComment