Hungarian highways are becoming the evacuation route for Syrian refugees. Where are they going? Anywhere barrel bombs aren't dropping on their playgrounds. They're WALKING from the Balkans to GERMANY because Merkel is the only politician with a shred of humanity in this great crisis.

Paul asked the Thessalonians to pray the Lord would open a "wide and effectual door" for the Gospel to go forth with power.

We have neglected going to the Arab world with the Gospel with embarrassing precision. We have our reasons. It's volatile. Islam is a violent worldview. The region is known to missiologists as the "Bloody Third." So people haven't been moving there. I get it.

The #RefugeeCrisis filling European streets and washing up on Mediterranean shores—that's our wide and effectual door. The Maker of Arabs and Westerners is making the worlds collide because the Son of Man is to be declared to Arabs, Europeans, Americans and everyone in-between. THIS IS OUR WIDE AND EFFECTUAL DOOR.

Let us not be stupid.
Let us not shirk this incredible opportunity.
Let us lambast evangelical leaders calling for a ban on Muslim immigration to America.
Let us shame the politicians accusing these refugees of a selfish pursuit of safety in the West.
Let us meet these refugees on their way and show them the magnificently beautiful alternative that is the Man Christ Jesus.


In 1939, a ship full of refugees was forced back into Hitler's reach.

Let's not do this again.


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Stephanie QuickComment