I believe in the Great Commission. It is my great privilege to be a part of Jesus' iron-clad promise that the Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed to all nations before the end of this age (Matt. 24:14). And it is my joy to do it in partnership with those who believe in the mission. We are all in this together.

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Our undertaking to India really appeared to me, on its commencement, to be somewhat like a few men, who were deliberating about the importance of penetrating into a deep mine, which had never before been explored. We had no one to guide us, and while we were thus deliberating, [William] Carey, as it were, said, ‘Well, I will go down if you will hold the rope.’ But before he went down, he, as it seemed to me, took an oath from each of us, at the mouth of the pit, to this effect, that ‘while we lived, should never let go of the rope.’
— Andrew Fuller, remembering the conversation that gave birth to the first Protestant Missions organization in 1792.